Tom's Website


I'm Tom and this is my personal website, which wouldn't be complete without a guest book of course.

My Interests

  • Roman Catholicism
  • European culture and customs
  • Farm life and homesteading
  • Linux, Software development, Computer science
  • Music theory, piano and jam sessions
  • Trap and skeet shooting, weight lifting, ruck marching
  • Graphic designing, stable diffusion art
  • Tasteful music from many genres


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🌲 Heaven Tree Webring: A webring and an xmpp muc for Christians into tech, politics, theology.

🚦 A private subnet for tech literate Christians.

📻 Pretty Much Radio: My internet radio station.

📼 Peertube instance. Subscribe to my channel.

Codeberg: The software I develop which focuses on tech independence.

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