General Etiquette


Run the following command to get my email.

echo "dGZAdG9tZmFzYW5vLm5ldAo=" | base64 -d

I usually respond within a few days. If you don't hear back you may be using a mainstream e-mail provider, and have to white list my mail server.

Here's my GPG key.

Email is sent unencrypted by default. Use encryption such that you own your keys.

Instant Messaging


This is better for quick questions. I'm a lot more active on xmpp. There's also a bunch of group chats to join. What're you waiting for?


PO Box 269, Bible School Park, NY 13737

Ah yes, snail mail. Thanks to all the folks who wrote cool letters.


Looking for some expertise or advise I may have? Provide an offer in the first e-mail. Reach out if you...