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Must Reads

The Church Father's Writings


Rock Pro Cheap single board computer.

Web Assembly Current news about wasm.

BlackLight by TheMarkup Is that website spying on you?

Hypercore Protocol Peer-to-peer data sharing in 2022

Keet Peer-to-peer video chat.

OpenNIC User controlled DNS Tutorials for easily setting up websites and services.

OpenWRT Open source router OS

Frame Work Self repairable, modular laptops

Modos Tech E-ink Displays

Wireguard The best VPN by far.

Cool Finds

Internet Radio An extensive directory of Internet radio stations. Radio station hosted on ipfs User experience face palms and UI nightmares. Account deletion guides, just delete me dang it! Read da news like a simpleton lib from 2004. Weaponized autism in html

Internet People

Kennedy Hall Catholic author, journalist, and broadcaster.

Jesse Romero Retired Cop, Kick boxer, Catholic evangelist

Roosh Valizadeh Ex pickup artist turned Russian Orthodox

MadeByJimBob Satire. Streams. Memes. Philosophy and humor.

Luke Smith Bald nerd who hates roads.

Rob Colbert Ex CTO of Gab, alt tech builder.

Jeff Geerling Tech related DIY projects.

Mr. Joe Prich Subtly bigoted commentary from a Gen-X Boomer.

Smaller Search Engines Smaller artisanal hobbyist websites.

Marginalia Another small search engine.

Online Shops

Parallel Index A directory of parallel economy businesses.

Dinsmoor Tannery Sheepskins and wool A publisher of hard-to-find and out-of-print books.

Discovery Network

Find the coolest dudes on the net here with the help of the discover protocol.

Become discoverable today with discover, a non-intrusive site discovery system for the small/indie web. It solves the hassle of optimizing your seo, mitigates the baroqueness of a webring, and provides a more engaging way of finding what you want.

As seen here, you can click on the profile pictures to view others' info, content and what they're currently working on. Anyone can host this, and anyone can join. Instructions here.

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These were mostly made over the past year by me and others.

tomfasano Society of Saint Pius X Bible with Church Father commentary Temple OS heaventree webring not related podcast get raw milk Canoe Mail wiby enum stephen's homepage mutt wizard Sandbox St. gimp Martin Jacob Smith non gmo gnu miachelc Libre Boot Michael Dimopoulos tor larbs Brady comfy stream pretty much radio land chad XMPP Denshi Jacob McCormick Aksel from Iceland based cooking Neovim Jaadee lindypress Shing Streaming BAN PORN Firearms Policy Coalition Suckless Software Inna Woods Text Files USS Liberty War Crimes