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88x31 Buttons

I made buttons for,, and many more just for fun!

tomfasano Get the Eucharist Temple OS heaventree webring not related podcast get raw milk Canoe Mail wiby enum stephen's homepage mutt wizard machinerylace forums Demoscene gimp Martin Jacob Smith non gmo gnu miachelc Libre Boot Michael Dimopoulos tor larbs mental outlaw perl pretty much podcast land chad brodie robertson Pen pals Jacob McCormick Aksel from Iceland based cooking Neovim Jaadee lindypress Shing Streaming BAN PORN Torrent Seeding Firearms Policy Coalition Sim text editor Text Files USS Liberty War Crimes

These were mostly made over the past year by me and others.


Cool Finds
User experience face palms and UI nightmares.
Account deletion guides, just delete me dang it!
Read da news like a simpleton lib from 2004.

Internet Personalities

Satire. Streams. Memes. Heavy philosophical rhetoric.
Mr. Joe Prich
Subtly bigoted commentary from a Gen-X Boomer.
Luke Smith
Critic of proprietary software and roads.
Jeff Geerling
Everything tech related, learn something new!


I'd also recommend checking out this interactive discovery portal for small website maintainers here. Click on the pictures to view others' links and info. Anyone can run this, and anyone can join. Instructions here.