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Red Balloon Find employers who respect your bodily autonomy.
SQ4D 3D Printed Homes
The Beartaria Times Family friendly News
Framework Open Source and Modular Laptops
Liberty Links Landing page for links
Eat Wild Find local food supply chains
USA Products Only Find products Made in America

Inspirational Zoomers

DenshiAspiring tech eceleb
Max Troeger Canoe Mail, Coreboot and more...
Henry Silva PCB design and Embedded firmware
Matt Hoffman Part time solitaire grandmaster
Jacob McCormick Software Landscaper
YovozolAnalog Video Glitch Artist

Interesting Boomers and Millennials

Roosh Valizadeh Pick up artist turned Orthodox Christian
MadeByJimBob Genius Satirist
Owen Benjamin Ladles gravy.
Greg Allison Vermiculture
Dr. Vernon Coleman Anti Big Pharma and Medical Establishment
Dr. Taylor Marshall Traditional Catholic Values
Luke Smith A culture creator of the online sorts.
Morgan Gold Wholesome Farmer
Samuel Medas Christian Reggae Singer
crrow777radio.com A guy who points telescopes at the sun.
Terry Davis Creator of TempleOS
Matt McKinley
Howdie Mckowski
Out there philosophical topics
Carneval Ecuadorian Farmer Philosopher
N.J. WildbergerAn Exceptional Mathematician
John Gabriel Profound insights on mathematics, but he's very prideful.
Rick Carlino Software lead of Farm Bot
Unfa Free and Open Source Audio Production


Radical Privacy isn't enough. secushare.org


Crisis in the Church sspxpodcast.com
Not Related! notrelated.xyz
Crow777 Radio crrow777radio.com


Keep coins organized Tight Change
Delete your account from web services. justdeleteme.xyz
Temporary Email temp-mail.org
Svg Repeatable Backgrounds pattern.monster
Low Bandwidth Favicons emojifav.com
RSS to Email rssby.email
Translator simplytranslate.org
Start your own Website/Service LandChad.net
Cooking Recipes based.cooking
Anything about Perl perlmonks.org
Cheat sheet curl cht.sh
Forecast curl wttr.in
Share Files Under 512MB 0x0.st (script)
Minimal Website SE wiby.me
Searx Instances searx.space
OOP in Pure C obj.h
Domain Registrar for Schizos njal.la
LaTeX symbol finder detexify.kirelabs.org

Good Reads

American Literatureamericanliterature.com
Why Raw Milk?raw-milk-facts.com
Christianity for Brainletsdidntask.neocities.org
If God Exists, How Come I'm a Degenerate Idiot?didntask.neocities.org
Origins of Philosophy friesian.com
The Bible bible.usccb.org
Setup GnuPG with Mutt codesorcery.net
Do you need a website? romanzolotarev.com
Every Web Browser Absolutely Sucks.lukesmith.xyz
Based Encyclopediawiki.chadnet.org

Rule of Thumb

Bad UI grumpy.website
Asking Smart Questions dontasktoask.com
Under Construction Images andrews.edu


Html Energyhtml.energy
Packet Citypacket.city
The Endhmpg.net