Toxic Femininity

The Ministry of Truth

Feminism is without a doubt one of the key ideologies in inverting Christian culture. The rhetoric patriarchy, is only a half truth. The men in power are effeminate, making policy that of a matriarchy. Toxic masculinity is also a half truth: men aren't being manly enough! They have permitted women to act out of control, hence they are a toxic burden to the female mind.

The Pill

Women have become more toxic over time and it's the fault of men. Birth control, abortion and scandalous dressing are all products of men letting women do what they want so they can use them as pleasure objects. So why is this post titled Toxic Femininity? A plausible explanation for the dark and spiritless society we live in begins when women started taking the pill.

The pill tricks women's bodies into thinking they're having a miscarriage. Times that by 12, and you could see why modern women are so depressed, unstable and plainly toxic. The physical effects of the pill send their hormones out of whack, which is then masked by anti-depressants. No matter what, there will always be consequences to intimacy. Without marriage, a cohabitate relationship will manifest these consequences on a larger cultural scale.

Perhaps an even earlier event which permitted modernity's degeneracy is allowing women suffrage. And before that? Look at the garden of Eden story. It's a fundamental lesson on why men should never follow women, nor permit their leadership outside of leading the home and the children.