What are Rights?

Without getting too far into meta ethics, What are Rights? Where do they come from? And why do we need them? Well, if you click that article, you will be enlightened on why rights are supposedly just self declared preferences and how we can't base their merits in terms of God since there is no evidence. So somehow, the classical liberal can appeal to an abstract moral system or the concept of truth itself, not have any direct evidence for either's existence, and still have the nerve to claim their epistemology is free from presuppositonal faith.

Rights are a gift from God. They're not self evident, because self evidence requires faith. If you lack the humility to admit this, that rights cannot be prescribed in terms of a normative ethical system, where rights are just faceless axioms, then such a system will slowly crumble and its citizens will become sociopaths. If your value system is ad-hoc and more over secular, then the people will be misguided and gullible. For example, some deluded group of people are so lost (and I pray for them) that they believe software deserves rights, as if computer programs were human beings. Sometimes you just need to point and laugh. These are the type of complaints which vanish with food shortages. The clueless individualist's amoral framework demonstrates how absurd their worldview plays out on very basic value judgments.

In other News

I've used the mongoose embedded webserver library to rewrite the webring in C. The next, previous and random pages are sent to the backend while static assets are served by nginx. The program has a lighter footprint on the system because before, each time a webring link was requested a fascgi worker process was created waiting to be scheduled. A single compiled binary will handle all requests as one process. This tidy solution will eventually be used on discover and possibly my guestbook. The ability to stow data on the heap, perhaps to store a guestbook signature for approval, would not be possible with a stateless cgi script, although there are circumstances for using them.

My self hosting adventures have brought me to hosting wireguard vpn, which has essentially been setup as a distributed local network. There are many things I and Max have already started working out, and I'm excited to see where sandbox winds up as time goes on. People who like self hosting for friends, but not complete strangers might like this idea of privacy without having to be anonymous.

That's all for now. Remember to be grateful for the gift of life God has given you.