🐌 Snail Mail

Writing and mailing letters is a dying craft/skill. There's no reason it has to be seeing its way out among younger folks. There is something utterly valuable about holding a letter in your hands, not just having it be a file on your hard drive. You can keep them, make a booklet out of them, share them with your friends: physical mediums are simply more personal (and less lame).

At the Post Office, I had a very pleasant experience. It was a cozy little building on a private university's campus. The clerk was a gentle old woman and was very helpful. The other old lady on line was quite friendly and eccentric. She was telling me grandma type of things: Aren't you cold with only one layer?, It was seven degrees the other day, a heat wave!. She asked for double flagged stamps and the clerk quickly corrected her: They're actually triple flagged. She cheered, Oh! Even better. The triple flags it is! The clerk suggested the Chinese new year stamps, and she quickly hollered back, I'm not Chinese! And they carried on with more priceless small talk as I grabbed the keys to my new PO box.

Nevertheless, this is a great hobby I think anyone can take a stab at. Start by writing to your family. Feel free to write to PO Box 269, Bible School Park, NY 13737. I will write back, though I can't promise pen pals. That box will be good until June - it's renewed, write away! God bless.