Why Prepare?

This is a topic that can't be ignored, and yet can easily devolve into a spiritually meaningless discussion. The idea behind prepping should be to, well, prepare. But the ultimate motive should not be to better yourself, or even your family (still great reasons but bear with me). We prepare because God tells us what's coming. Noah did not sit around debating whether building an ark would be a good return on investment. He just built it. We need to act accordingly in the same way.

When we tell others to prepare, we need to do so in humility, not pride. It should be done in the context of God's plan. Only when you act in accordance with it will He look out for you, will He provide, and will you receive discernment. Prepping is done in faith.

Without God, telling people to prep will send their mind into a frenzy. You are in effect putting them into a position to fear the world, when you should be instructing them to fear God. Their anxious mentality will do more harm in the short term than if they just got to work knowing they were being guided.

With this being said I've come to learn my town has really dangerous levels of fluoride in the water. They even brag about it. I did not stress, or lose sleep. I built a water filter.

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Pineal Gland Meme

Medical Experiments and Consent

The world economic forum has made it very clear that you are not apart of their satanic and worldly vision if you do not consent to experimental health practices. The jab is really the tip of the iceberg. Get as basic as possible: air, water, food. These are all being experimented with, and you'd have to believe man can determine what the greater good is to justify why you consent to participating in it.

As far as experiments, nothing is hidden. It is all in plain sight. The ingredients are listed, the warnings and side effects are labeled, the fine print is there. There really is no need to speculate or theorize any further. If you believe the last 2 years were fishy, you already understand public health experiments have been overtly going on for much longer.

If you consent to the experiment, you have no one to blame but yourself. The consent is what these infiltrating Young Global leaders believe relieves them of sin. There are countless other worldwide, or at least nation wide experimental efforts, which actively cause harm to human life. One example is the fluoridation of water.

We fluoridate the water to stop people's teeth decaying. Here goes the nanny state, wanting to help by slowly poisoning us. As if dental problems are caused by a lack of neurotoxins. It's about as pathetic of an attempt at lying as you can get. Why would ingesting fluoride be a substitute for topically applying it?

The lunacy continues: the type of fluoride municipalities dump in the water supply is not even naturally occurring fluoride: it's sodium silico fluoride, sodium fluoride and fluosilicic acid - all byproducts of the fertilizer industry! It turns out fluoride is great pesticide, and likes to attach to aluminum - the metal most prevalent in the brains of Alzheimer patients. But sure, even with studies going back to 1977 showing even a dose of 1 ppm causes accelerated tumor growth in mice, it's totally safe because the labcoats say so.

I find this even more insane than covid. It's been happening much longer (almost 100 years) pushing it well past the window of normal conversation. Sadly this is a harsh truth we must all confront. The majority of municipalities in the US practice this unscientific procedure of artificially bombarding our bodies with fluoride through something we can't go without - water. They do not hide this. They declare fluoridated water a human right, that they're doing us a favor. In reality the only right which we should be concerned with is our God-given right to purify and treat water. It's very simple.

Any internet search query with, fluoride + water will give you tons of botnet articles, all with the exact same first sentence: Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral... blah blah blah. The level God intended is much lower than the World Health Organization (by organization we mean organized crime), which has slowly raised the safe threshold over the years. Dementia, thyroid problems, brittle bones, are all chronic symptoms attributed to the relatively recent spike in the concentration of fluoride.

When it comes to something like water, there are an unknowable amount of variables at play. Just consider everything else you might be ingesting like micro plastics, heavy metals, biowaste. We can never completely avoid these substances in our water, but can make an active attempt at minimizing the dosage. I'll repeat myself and tell you that stressing about this type of stuff will cause more harm in the short term than whatever damage is being dealt relative to how long you've been exposed to its effects.

Filtering mediums

So how do you filter fluoride out of water? There are many ways like activated alumina, ceramic or reverse osmosis filters. Filters like Brita or PUR unfortunately don't cut it. The oldest and simplest way is by using bone char, where the animal can provide for us down to its ashes. I also will use a little activated charcoal to improve the smell and taste (not sponsored but it came with the char). Feel free to use any filtering medium in your price range, though I do believe the Berkeys are a rip off.

The two biggest take aways from this guide are as follows:

  1. Learn how to filter out fluoride without expensive filtration systems.
  2. Have more drinking water on hand in case of emergency.

Building It

You will need a top and bottom chamber, so I bought two food grade buckets with lids (you can use stainless steel pots but I can't afford step drill bits). I bought a stainless steel fitting to connect the buckets with a water tight seal. I also got a bpa-free water spigot (3/4 inch thread diameter). Optionally you can get something called a brewer bucket and save yourself the time and labor. You might also want food grade stainless steel mesh for filtering and a material drill bit (in my case 3/4 in).

Here is a great step-by-step video on what I did. Instead of using knock off Berkey filters though, I did the following:

Instead of drilling two holes, I made one big hole (~7/8 inches) in the center of the base of the top bucket. I also drilled the same size hole in the center of the lid for the bottom bucket.

I made a hole for the spigot about 2 inches from the bottom on the side of the bottom bucket.

The Filter Itself

Again you can use whichever filter you'd like. I personally find the bone char leaves a weird taste. Obviously I'm still experimenting, but I thought I'd share my discoveries.

Lay the metal mesh on the bottom of the top bucket. Rest the bone char on top. If you want to go above and beyond you could have an absorbent (a carbon material like char ) in one bucket, then a bucket of sand and then one of gravel to remove soot, dirt, and large sediements. If you just dumped that all into one bucket however, changing everything out would get messy. The sand and gravel aren't needed because I'm using prefiltered tap water, which as far as I can tell is not visibly dirty or cloudy.

Gravity filter

Here's the finished product. It gets the job done. If you buy actual filters you have to prime them. It's explained in the video I linked.

Cleaning the Filter

If you do this setup, you need to clean the buckets every few weeks. This is because bacteria can accumulate in the presence of water and light. Even if the container is opaque like stainless steel, you still have to clean it with vinegar and/or isopropyl alcohol every few weeks.

This filter is mainly to take fluoride and some heavy metal content out of water, not bacteria or any other funky stuff floating around. This will do nothing for microbe infested water, if that isn't obvious already. I pre-filter everything in a carbon block PUR filter attached to my kitchen's sink spout. This is really supposed to be a short term emergency setup, not a day-in day-out long term storage for water. I wouldn't store water in the lower bucket for more than a month. You should really clean everything out after that point. It's no different than having a reusable water bottle.

Self Reliance

This leads to the second take away and overall theme of the article: be prepared, have some drinking water on hand. My township posted a letter on my front door a while back saying along the lines, Oh by the way your water has been turned off and you won't have any for the next 2 days. They were doing road work and maybe they were changing out the hundred year old lead pipes. We had to let the water run afterwards since it was all brown. Not everything is peaches and cream when it comes to accessing clean water, especially in the US, but the least we can do is use a filtering process and have our own temporary supply.

As far as collecting water from the rain, or natural springs and filtering that, I do not see myself doing this. This is for no good reason except for convenience. I'm still some what reliant on my municipality but this guide is still a good compromise for those of us living in urban hellscapes. I still have much work to do, like indoor gardening (I'm growing basil and mint but obviously that's not the same as growing potatoes) and a recent discovery: vermiculture (composting with worms).

Water is just one component of preparing. Ammunition, food, shelter, energy, seeds, animals, transportation ... not toilet paper! If you've read this far, then you've probably already started thinking about what you need to work on, and more importantly understood not to be afraid of worldly truths, but to act in accordance with His plan.

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